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Re: [hylafax-users] Anyone using Multitech MultiModem USB? (also: USBUpdate Included)

On Monday 14 April 2003 11:21 am, Stephen Lee wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-04-14 at 06:23, Bill Binko wrote:
> <snip>
> > I am now faced with a difficult decision.  Since I just ordered a very
> > small appliance-type (Micro-ITX) pc to drive this (assuming that some USB
> > would work), I would very much like to stick to USB.  The only major
> > vendor I have not tried (only because I could not find them locally) was
> > Multitech.
> >
> > Multitech has two USB modems, the MutiMobile (which I highly doubt will
> > work, as it is a controllerless design) and the MultiModem USB, which
> > MIGHT work, given the success others on this list have had with Multitech
> > products.
> >
> > Has anyone gotten the MultiModem USB to work with multiple modems under
> > Hylafax and Linux?  I am happy to overnight one in if I have any hope
> > that it will work (note the lack of faith here).  Otherwise, I will RMA
> > the appliance PC (minus 15% restock) and purchase a machine with 6PCI
> > slots and drop in PCI modems.
> Does your micro-ITX (different from mini-iTX?) have a pci slot? If so,
> you could add a riser card and plug in a pci modem. I _think_ there is
> an external serial port so how about an external serial modem?
That would work great for 1 modem, but the point here was to support multiple.  
In this particular case, I need 3.  With only one serial and one slot, I 
can't even get that with two different modems :-(

Bill Binko

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