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Re: [hylafax-users] Fax a list of numbers from a MySQL database?

--- Dan Tappin <dan@wavefront.ca> wrote:
> Can anyone suggest an easy way to fax a list of
> numbers from a MySQL 
> database?

Well, I think using WHFC it's a good one. I can't
remember if you can connect to Mysql using ODBC but I
think it's possible, check here
http://www.uli-eckhardt.de/whfc/doku/index.shtml. But
I don't know if you are using windows of course.
> I am sure some one will suggest a perl script.  I
> would be up for that 
> if there was an example or template that I could
> use.  I do not have 
> much experience with perl.  I have experience with
> PHP though.  I know 
> that they are not the same but I am thinking that I
> might do the trick. 
>   I just want to send a one page pdf (with no cover
> page or 
> personalization) to a preset list of numbers. 
> Ideally I could just 
> upload the pdf via the web and then have php send
> the faxes.

Well, if you are using linux, wich is possible since
linux has a port of Maya, by the way I hope not be
wrong, congratulations for the Oscar, the work will
much easier. But be aware that if a user want stop a
job he/she can't, apache will be the job's owner. A
good option, but more complex, is using an interface
in html where your users could insert text and after
submiting the fax, the html is analysed and collected
and pass trough a second software where the html is
converted to PDF. Then you use the gnu-hylafax java
package (an hylafax java client) to send the fax. This
is working fine here in our new application. I'm
trying foudn some free time to deploy a generic html
interface where a webmaster define the cover page
(complex), insert the company logo (easy) and has a
text area. 

> If I dump 100 or so faxes in the queue to be sent
> will this overload 
> hylafax?

Well, if the content of the fax it's not complex each
fax are sent in 1, 1m.20s. And depends how many lines
you assigned to the hylafax server.

>  I guess I am asking if I can send one fax
> to multiple users 

Yes, you can. You even can use a file list.

> or do I need to send a fax to each number on at a
> time.  I hope this 
> makes sense.

Well, if you only have one line...
But if you are asking sending fax like you send
emails, no, it's impossible, you must dial each
number. Be aware that if you try send 2 jobs to the
same number the last in the pool will be blocked until
the first was sent or failled the attemps define in
your config file. Any questions just ask. Cheers.

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