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[hylafax-users] +HSF:11 Error

Title: +HSF:11 Error


We have a hylafax server for sending outbound faxes. It is using efax-0.9-16/hylafax-4.1.3-1rh7. I am having problem communicating with a specific modem. They seem to be having trouble connecting up and I hope that someone can give me an idea why. The debug output shows:

efax: 16:44 dialing T1-830-985-9291
efax: 16:44 command  "DT1-830-985-9291"
efax: 16:44 waiting 120.0 s
efax: 18:29 .303 [<CR><LF>+FHS:11<CR><LF>]
efax: 18:29 .434 [<CR><LF>OK<CR><LF>]
efax: 18:29 response "OK"
efax: 18:29 connected
efax: 18:29 read value 11 from "11"
efax: 18:29 Error: abnormal termination (code 11)
efax: 18:29 Error: Transmit Phase A & Miscellaneous Errors:
efax: 18:29 Error:   No Answer (T.30 T1 timeout)
efax: 18:29 failed -> test.001

I cannot find out what +FHS:11 means. I believe that +FHS gives a hangup status code, but what is the value 11? Thanks for any help.

Carl Carstenson
Snowbird Systems
(512) 794-8334

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