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Re: [hylafax-users] Native PCL faxing?!

On 2003.04.17 15:02 Frank Peters wrote:

> Why use the fax protocol to send general documents?

Because it has long been (and continues to be) a popular standard for 
document communication.  Internet communication, and in particular 
e-mail, are not yet as generally accepted for document communication as 
is facsimile.

So, when I call the county courthouse to obtain forms for tax purposes, 
it's more likely that they have them in a paper format and a fax 
machine than it is for them to have them in electronic format or have a 
scanner handy with a competent user... as well as internet access.

When I call to dispute a billing issue with MSN... they ask me to *fax* 
them copies of my bills ... not e-mail.

So, for the moment facsimile is still a general standard, and in order 
to conduct business in a professional manner, such standards would need 
to be supported.

That's why.  Personally, I'd rather have e-mail take over... but that's 
not going to happen quickly.


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