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Re: [hylafax-users] hylafax and isdn

>Hello hylafax-users,

Hello Claudia,

>I want to install hylafax on my SME Server(Version 5.5U2 based on RedHat).
>I have an ISDN connection with an AVM Fritz!Card PCI (passive ISDN
>Therefore I need to install a driver for that card, but I do not know how to
>do it.

It's rather easy to set up CAPI for a passive AVM card.
First of all, check, if your kernel supports CAPI:
# modprobe capi
# modprobe kernelcapi
If these commands return no error, your kernel is ready 
for CAPI.

>first question:
>what exactly do I need:

This pakage is not relevant for HylaFAX





>Maybe there is somebody here, who can explain for a real LINUX-dummie?

Install capi4linux from AVM (www.avm.de). 
Edit your capi.conf. There should be a commented ('#') 
entry for fcpci. Uncomment this line and comment
all other lines.

Then type 
# capiinit start.

If you have problems here, reply to me personally, because
it's a bit OT in a HylaFAX list.

Install capi4hylafax from AVM. Because c2faxrcvd is started
from init under RedHat and I think the libc/gcc deps are solved
correctly, it would be right to run ./install. (I did so on a
RH 8 machine).

You are asked for your MSN, DDI ....
Then "Save and Exit".

Check, if service hylafax is started at System-bootup.

Reboot you machine.

Test, if you can send faxes with c2fax*:
# c2faxsend -vf TIFF -d A-FAX-NUMBER fritz_pic.tif
(fritz_pic.tif is in the dir with the extracted 
capi4hylafax archive data)

If you have problems here, reply to list.

Have fun!


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