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[hylafax-users] Aztech compatibility

    I have 2 Aztech modems both are 56kbps External modem,
the outlook is same which is a transparent blue cover. When I
flip the modem and look at the model no: they are different,
one show EM-3900 another is EM6800.
    I could run hylafax with EM 3900 but not EM6800. It shows
"Can not initialise modem", even though i had off it for about a
minute and on it back. For EM3900, it works with "Error parsing
"+FTRM"" which this can be solve later. My main concern now
is why it doesn't work on EM6800. The log is totally logging
nothing right after I restarted the server.
    Thanks for help!
Rachel Seok

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