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[hylafax-users] Yet another Hylafax Client!

Hi folks!

I'm proud to announce that my new Hylafax Client is now version 1.0, if
someone's interested in a multiplatform client please try it and let me
know what you think of it.

The client is written using the Python language, its main features are:

	o  Platform independece. It's been tested on Linux and Windows, 	but
shoud work with little effort on mac too. I'm going 	to test on Mac
myself in the near future.
        o Easy to change. Pyla is written in Python, so it should be
	really easy for a power user to modify and extend pyla's behaviour.
        o Easy to understand. Python language is quite simple to
	understand, even if you are not a programmer. If someone is 	interested
in Hylafax Protocol you can easily take a look at pyla's 	sources, which
are quite clear (but not well documented yet! ;-( ).
        o Configuration profiles. With Pyla you can setup many
	configuration profiles so you can share the program on a file server or
	in a multi-user environment.
        o Fax cover. Pyla is able to send faxcovers. In the package you
	can find a cover tmplate too.
        o Job management. With Pyla you can do simple job management,
	such as stopping, starting or altering a job.
        o Admin mode. Pyla can be configured with an Admin user so you
	can have access also on other people's jobs.
        o Fax printer support. Pyla is designed to be used in
	conjunction with a fax printer. In this way you can simply print from
	your favorite application and send a fax. On Unix you can use a simple
	simple script (sample included), on Windows you can use RedMon
	(http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/redmon/) or similar programs.
        o Ldap addressbook. Pyla can be configured to use Ldap
	directories to store fax numbers.

Pyla is still in Beta stage so any bug report is welcome!

You con find pyla here: http://digilander.iol.it/aser76/docs/pyla.php

Thank you.

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