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[hylafax-users] Receive as pdf attachment

Dear Friends,

I had the same problem of zero lenght PDF attachments. It looks like uuencode 
is not installed. On RedHat systems, you need the RPM package called 

In the RPM spec file, I added these two lines:
requires:    ghostscript-fonts >= 5.5
Requires:    sharutils

I am adding a request on Bugzilla. If you answer this mail, please CC me as I 
do not subscribe the list.

Best regards,
Jean-Michel POURE

>>> Receiving attachment as tiff is ok
>>> Receiving attachment as pdf (set in FaxDispatch) only attaches a pdf 
>>> file zero bytes long.
>> Try calling faxrcvd-script manually (see in log/cxxxxxxx which 
>> parameters are used) and watch the output. It has to be called from 
>> hyla-SPOOLDIR.
>> Mostly there are problems with filename/path, gs, fonts ... that 
>> result in a problem generating the ps-file.
> Sorry, I was a little too quick. Running bin/faxrcvd manually actually 
> produces a correct pdf-file whereas it does not when receiving normally. 

So, everything is OK with faxrcvd.

> My assumption is that it has to do with not finding Ghostscript but I 
> don't know where this information should be given to the script...

The path to gs is set in etc/setup.cache. But this could not be the 
problem when all works manually.

Were you logged in as root when doing it manually? Try as user uucp/fax.
May be there is a problem with execution rights.

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