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Re: [hylafax-users] Receive problem

On 2003.09.17 07:20 Matthias Reich wrote:

Sep 17 15:50:46.68: [ 1224]: RECV send RTN (retrain negative)
Sep 17 15:50:46.68: [ 1224]: <-- [7:AT+FDR\r]
Sep 17 15:50:47.80: [ 1224]: --> [14:+FHT:FF 13 4C ]
Sep 17 15:50:49.32: [ 1224]: --> [14:+FHR:FF 13 FB ]
Sep 17 15:50:49.32: [ 1224]: --> [8:+FHNG:72]
Sep 17 15:50:49.32: [ 1224]: REMOTE HANGUP: COMREC error (code 72)

And, specifically, the COMREC error is that we sent RTN (retransmit the page) and got DCN (disconnect), which probably happened because the remote didn't want to retransmit in this call. This is a common thing.

I believe the lines with the +FDR +FHT and +FHR are causing the

No. The problem probably lies in a poor connection. Of course if this is reproducible in Class 2 but does not occur in Class 1, then something's wrong with the modem which causes it to send RTN improperly, but I doubt that's the case.

I read about Parameter "Class2BUGCmd" but I am not sure if changing
Parameter to none will heal this problem or cause new problems.

Class2BUGCmd simply turns on and off the echoing of the +FHT: and +FHR: reports. It does nothing with regards to how the modem interacts with the remote.


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