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[hylafax-users] new tkhylafax rpm


I have a working tkhylafax rpm for redhat 8/9 machines:


The only one in rpmfind is the original broken one (you can't even
install the src.rpm to extract the spec file).  However, deep in the
rpm PBone archives (in the RedHat 5 and 6 contribs) are some working
rpms (at least for older versions of RedHat).  We all know how
RedHat loves to change paths, locations, etc, from one release to
another, thus the need for a working rpm for the newer releases (ie,
RH 8 and 9).

I've been trying to get this rpm into some kind of repository
(hopefully an apt-enabled one) but I haven't met with much success

So I was wondering if it could go in ftp://ftp.hylafax.org with the
other tkhylafax tarballs.  I'm no tk expert, but I've found a couple
of sendfax command switch errors in the code, which I plan on
fixing.  I also plan on adding an example cover page (subject to my
latex results).  I've already fixed several Makefile glitches and
updated the README file (these latter patches are already applied to
the rpm, and they shouldn't break older stuff either).

I would also like to submit a tkhylafax 3.3 update soon as well.
I'm doing a gentoo ebuild for it (I also maintain the Hylafax ebuild
now), so all these fixes, etc, will go into the new version.

How does that sound?


PS.  Thanks to everyone for the cool Hylafax stuff BTW :)

Steve Arnold    http://arnolds.dhs.org    http://www.gentoo.org

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