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[hylafax-users] client project proposal


The tkhykafax code hasn't really been touched in several years, and the
author's contact address is no good :(  I've been wrestling with getting
certain things to fit within our project requirements (such as a custom
cover page) without much success so far, and after looking through the
Tk code, I'm convinced *I* don't want to try hacking/extending it.

However, I've been writing some python code lately, and I would be
interested in doing a modern replacement for tkhylafax in python.  I'm
not sure yet about the GUI part; there's the basic pytk stuff, as well
as pyqt and pygtk.  I checked out the glade UI designer a little (nice
article in a recent LJ), which looks very nice.  Plus, it could be more
or less cross-platform (at least to anything with python).

So is anyone interested in doing a little python project?  The current
functionality in tkhylafax, plus a few other things, would make a decent
set of baseline requirements.  I'll bet there are already python modules
available for stuff like the address book, etc.  Plus, I already have a
cvs server (and there's always sourceforge or savannah).

If I do it on my own, it'll have to start as one of those "I'll get to
it when I get to it" things.  Between work/home/school and other
development stuff (mostly gentoo), my days are pretty full...

Python is an extremely productive language, and one which pretty much
everyone can learn.  It's extremely good for everything from simple
scripting chores to full-blown object oriented software development. 
There are many good free books and tutorials:


Regardless of anyone's current skill or desire to program, this
community is absolutely the most qualified to help define things like
requirements, UI design, etc.  It could easily turn out to be the
preferred client for Hylafax...


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