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[hylafax-users] faxmail pdf attachment issues.

I have installed hylafax on a linux redhat 9.0 system and I have fax send and receive working.
The problem I am experiencing is with conversion of pdf files to faxable data. First my setup ...

I modified /etc/aliases to do the following.

   faxes:  "| /usr/bin/perl /var/spool/hylafax/bin/hylaFudge.pl | /usr/bin/faxmail -u uucp -v -d"

where faxes are accepted via mail, filtered by a perl script for minor header manipulation and 
then sent to faxmail. All of this seems to work as long as I send simple e-mails with no
attachments. When I send a pdf attachment then I get ...

       ---- Unsent job status ----

       Destination: XXX-XXXX
             JobID: 26
           GroupID: 26
            Sender: Rob Scidmore""
          Mailaddr: rscidmore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Submitted From: localhost.localdomain
        Page Width: 209 (mm)
       Page Length: 296 (mm)
        Resolution: 196 (lpi)
            Status: Error: /undefined in FATAL     Operand stack:
            <deleted meaningless stuff from Ghostcript>

If I look at the postcript results from the docq directory I see the following message 
embedded in the postcript docq file ...

   FATAL ERROR: //etc/setup.cache is missing!
   The file //etc/setup.cache is not present.  This
   probably means the machine has not been setup using the faxsetup(8C)
   command.  Read the documentation on setting up HylaFAX before you
   startup a server system.

My working assumption was that the environment necessary to run hylafax is 
not present when run by sendmail and this is why the $SPOOL variable is not
being found. 

Can someone tell me either what I am doing wrong, or what I need to do right 
to get this working.


Rob S.

Rob Scidmore           X-ES Inc.
Phone: 608-833-1155    7878 Big Sky Drive
Fax:   608-827-6171    Madison, WI 53719
Web:   www.xes-inc.com


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