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Re: [hylafax-users] DataFire RAS 30 PE1

>  Proper response to a fax connection from the modem should be 
> +FCON. In addition to that you get an immediate 'OK' response 
> from the modem. Maybe you should add the config file for that line.

I turn on more debug in efax:

efax: 02:30 dialing 222
efax: 02:30 command  "D222"
efax: 02:30 waiting 120.0 s
efax: 02:51 .726 [<CR><LF>+FCO<CR><LF>]
efax: 02:54 .886 [<CR><LF>+FCI:"       48 91 4236722"<CR><LF>]
efax: 02:54 .906 [<CR><LF>+FIS:1,3,0,2,1,0,0,4<CR><LF>]
efax: 02:54 .906 [<CR><LF>OK<CR><LF>]
efax: 02:54 response "OK"
efax: 02:54 remote ID -> "       xxx"
efax: 02:54 connected
efax: 02:54 command  "+FIS=1,5,0,2"

the transmission protocol looks ok.

---from serial trace----
     95129.300 > ATD222\r
fax pickup:
     95140.700 C  +RTS +CTS +DTR +DSR +DCD
     95145.100 < \r\n+FCO\r\n
     95148.200 < \r\n+FCI:"       xxx"\r\n\r\n+FIS:1,3,0,2,1,0,0,
     95148.200 < 4\r\n\r\nOK\r\n

if efax is connected (high DCD) and then I've got proper response from
modem (+FCO etc...)

The problem is that Hylafax low DTR signal and then ATH0 modem. I
haven't been connected yet. (DCD is set low)
     79717.800 > atdt222.
     79727.300 < ..OK..
     79727.300 C  +RTS +CTS -dtr +DSR -dcd
     79727.400 > ATH0.
     79727.400 C  +RTS +CTS +DTR +DSR -dcd
     79727.600 < ..OK..

I think that "OK" is a result of droping DTR line (modem terminate


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