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Re: [hylafax-users] Troubles with Multitech ISI5634PCI-8

On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 06:30, Andrea Nicolini wrote:
> Hi,
> Unfortunately I'm still having troubles with ISI5634PCI-8 on Hylafax.
> This is quite strange since the configuration I'm using is in Class1,
> the firmware is updated and the Hylafax config file explicitly report my board model.

I have no experience with these boards in particular, but I know the
Cyclades boards have excellent performance and support.  If you're
running under Linux (not sure about BSD) then what about the kernel
drivers?  I assume you have the appropriate modules enabled?

> Is there anybody out there using this board succesfully???
> I'm using 2 boards and I noticed that they're sharing the same irq (5), 
> can this cause troubles? 

In theory, this should not cause a problem (as long as the motherboard
has a decent BIOS/firmware implementation).  Some BIOS options to check
might be:

PlugnPlay OS -> should be disabled
PCI device config -> auto works best; about the only way to influence
IRQ routing these days is to move a card to another PCI slot.

Also, both the BIOS and kernel implementations of ACPI can have an
effect; you may need to try enabling/disabling them to see what
happens.  In the case of the Linux kernel, you can pass an option to the
kernel (through LILO or grub) to turn off ACPI temporarily.

The other thing about ACPI in the Linux kernel is that there are
apparently many different patch sets for ACPI, and some are worse than
others.  You may need to try something like the WOLK kernel source...

HTH, Steve

Stephen Arnold <arnold.steve@xxxxxxxxx>

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