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[hylafax-users] Hylafax not retrying failed calls

Hi.  I just joined this list.  A bit of background first:
We run one instance of Hylafax, on an AIX server, and it's sole purpose is to deliver alpha pages (passed to it via a custom-built interface app.) to our internal paging system, via modem, using TAP protocol.  I'm afraid it's probably a very old version - I don't even know what - but it generally runs quite well, and has for many years.
Our paging system, for some bizarre reason (which I'm pursuing with the vendor) very often answers the phone with just a click or a short busy signal (no modem answertone).  Hylafax will usually just wait a short time and re-try the page, and is usually successful.  HOWEVER, I saw at least two instances recently (and have heard reports of more) where it just gave up after the first "Busy signal detected".  Does anyone know what would cause it to just quit after one failure, when it usually will retry until successful?

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