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Re: [hylafax-users] Discarded application (pdf)

Michele Della Marina schrieb:

Sorry if this problem was posted several times. But I have not clear
ideas. I have hylafax 4.1.6, I have installed metamail and I use
postfix and squirrelmail to send fax through email. Receiving fax
converted in pdf is all ok.

I would like send a pdf attachment but in receiver fax machine the error occurs: discarded application / octet-stream goes here. I have read that is not possible send pdf (only ascii and ps) But I have also read this (in manual typerules): ..

I'm not sure if this message means that you try to use faxmail? faxmail isn't able to handle pdf. see "man faxmail" for details.

        Only three types of files are accepted by the HylaFAX server for
transmission as facsimile: POSTSCRIPT® files, PDF files, and TIFF
        Class F (bilevel Group 3-encoded) files. All other types of files
        must be converted to one of these two formats. ..

What is the problem? Why can't I send a pdf attachment? Thanks Michele

I believe that the sending of PDF is on a to-do list somewhere, and that the documentation is not completely correct there, IIRC. However it should be possible, in theory, to hack something together that does the conversion from PDF to PS and fax that.


Things are already "hacked". The actual sendfax accepts a pdf document for transmission an sends it correctly. If you want to send it to the hylafax-server via email you have to play a little with your local MDA. For procmail there were solutions posted that can be modified to fulfill your needs. Search the mail archives.


I've tested that, using sendfax, is possible send directly a pdf document
(as you correctly say) and all is ok.
I've already configured postfix inserting some lines about hylafax mail

        fax       unix  -       n       n       -       1       pipe
            flags= user=fax argv=/usr/bin/faxmail -d -n ${user}

I am not familiar with postfix-configuration: Does this mean, every mail is streamed through faxmail?
As i already mentioned, faxmail can't handle pdf-attachments. So you are stuck here.

What you need to configure is the local mail delivery (http://www.postfix.org/delivering.php) to strip off the pdf-attachment and pass it to sendfax.

Due to my lack of knowledge according postfix, i can't help further.

/etc/postfix/transport: fax.your.domain fax:localhost

        transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport
        fax_destination_recipient_limit = 1

Sending a simple email (number@mydomain) (with ascii text attachment) is all ok.
But Pdf attachment doesn't work. I don't understand if I have to modify the
lines above about faxmail or if there are other mime problems.

man faxmail says:

       faxmail parses MIME mail messages and does some rudimentary work to:

· strip out unprintable content such as audio, video, or binary data,

· decode encoded parts,

· insert ``digest dividers'' between multipart/digest subparts,

· format message/rfc822 parts as described above for the top-level envelope, and

· optionally convert graphical parts (e.g. images) for display.

MIME processing is fairly simple and (currently) somewhat constrained. faxmail has builtin support
for the following MIME parts: text/plain, multipart/mixed, multipart/digest, message/rfc822, applica­
tion/postscript, and application/x-faxmail-prolog.

What you need is a handling for a different mime-type (application/pdf).

I've searched in mailing list archive but I've not found anything about this

See http://www.hylafax.org/archive/2001-01/msg00107.php for a procmail-based solution. It was originally designed to work with the Relay-Fax-Printer-Client but can be modified to work without it.
AFAIK, postfix can be used with procmail as Mail-Delivery-Agent (MDA).

Have I use necessary faxmail with postfix? Or is possible bypass faxmail
using only postfix? In faxmail, I suppose, I have to link a script to
convert pdf to ps but for sendfax is not necessary.

Don't use faxmail! It won't solve your problem.


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