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Re: [hylafax-users] Acrobat shows fonts smaller than 6pt as "sketch"/"outline"

Quoting goebelr@xxxxxx:

> Hello Mailingslist,
> I have a small problem with received faxes.
> If I open them in Acrobat they are displayed in grey washed out stripes
> all over the page.

This is called "greeking" and is done by some Desktop Publishing products to
speed up screen redraws in regions of detail considered too small to be
legible anyway.  Usually it's only done in text layout software, but maybe
newer versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader are doing it as well.

> If I deactivate this option, everything looks fine, if I activate it,
> everything looks grey :(

Yes, if you turn off Greeking, then it never substitutes the "bar" for the

> So it seems that Acrobat Reader thinks the fax is a document with text
> smaller than 6pixels...but isn't it a graphic? How can I tell Acrobat
> Reader to take the document as PDF with a graphic inside??

I suspect that Acrobat is trying to do something "clever" with your .PDF file.

By the way, how are you converting the inbound faxes to PDFs?  If you're
using fax2ps | ps2pdf , then what's also probably happening is that the
"synthetic font" that fax2ps is generating to represent the TIFF imagedata
is "tricking" Acrobat into thinking the file consists of text.

If you are converting the received faxes via tiff2ps -2a | ps2pdf, then it
will be "pure image data" in PDF form.

As per the man page for fax2ps (and anything which uses it), it converts the
image data into a synthetic font and uses "text" set in that font to
rasterise the page.

In any event, you can safely disable Text Greeking in Acrobat Reader.



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