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Re: [hylafax-users] Problem with Postscript Printing

On 2003.11.10 01:27 Trefor Smith wrote:

Do you know of any way in which this behaviour can be overridden?

I don't. I don't think there's currently even a way to simply disable tagline imaging even just for testing purposes. It can be disabled in the source code, and tagline images are not currently imaged on MMR faxes with HylaFAX CVS (so you could test with that, I guess).

I'm not sure, however, how you expect a tagline to be imaged if the image space behind it is not removed. I.e., if we image the tagline over the existing image, then the tagline may not be readable. Adding a white border to the letters in the tagline would probably look confusing. If we add lines to the top of the image then we'd have to still alter the image if the receiver does not support unlimited page length. So, it's done the way it is. How would you prefer that it be done?

When I compare the fax to a normal printout of the .ps file it does
as though we are missing more image space than the tagline consumes.

How much more space? Double? Half?

It's not the fax machine as this behaviour is mimicked across several
fax machines of different make and model.

A receiver does not, in most cases, do anything to a received image. So I don't suspect it would be the receiving fax machine.


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