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[hylafax-users] Jury still out on new fax server

I am running Hylafax-4.1.7 on a FreeBSD-4.9 server.
The fax server has been successful at sending and
receiving faxes, several dozen so far. I can sendfax
all I want from the fax server's console.

I use WinPrintHylafax to print jobs from Windows
apps run on Win2K/XP workstations on the LAN
It works but : 

1. It sometimes takes up to 2-3 min. after you send
a job from a Windows workstation before you hear
the modem fire up and go! Is this long of a delay

2. Only one of the workstations has been able to print
to the fax server successfully. The setup was followed
exactly as before and repeated just to be sure, but so
far only one workstation has sent a fax successfully.
The others show no error messages or queued status
at all. The station that works immediately gets a 
message that the job was sent. 

The IT guy had to come and help with this install as
you need higher than normal user rights to build the
new WinPrintFAX port. He used the Administrator
login but jobs failed whether he used the user's login
of the Administrator login.
This is supposed to allow all clients on 192.168.100
network access the fax server. But so far only one of
them, my XP Pro laptop get's the job done.

3. The clients available are scarce and not that user
friendly. I could run it, but the lady at the front desk
who will have to distribute the faxes and answer all
those phones must be able to breeze through it or it's
not feasible. Are the other clients out there for 
Windows beyond those shown at hylafax.org?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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