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[hylafax-users] Cover Page using WinPrintHylaFAX

We just setup a Hylafax server and chose the WinPrintHylaFax method of submitting jobs to the server. The other clients left too much to be desired or take too much overhead and have a steep learning curve. Samba printing proved useless as the users can't understand why the must enter a line of code in their document so they leave it out. WinPrintHylafax on the other hand is a simple print and go option. BUT.... I cannot get this method to use the cover page. We can make a cover page in the software but it must be added to the document by the user and we all know what users do. If you have to count on the users to think, forget it.
Has anyone got a handle on how to make WinPrintHylafax send the default cover page that I get with the receipient's info and fax number like I get when I use sendfax -d from the command line?

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