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Re: [hylafax-users] WinPrintHylaFAX Client

--- Michael Stowe <mstowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > --- Frank Griffith <glassdude45@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Thanks. That's terrific info. But doesn't WHFC
> >> require a couple of extra things be loaded on the
> >> computer.
> >
> > Well, for what I know and to start faxing, you
> only
> > need WHFC and install a special local printer to
> use
> > as a filter. Read here the documentation
> >
> >
> http://www.uli-eckhardt.de/whfc/1.2/docu/index.shtml
> >
> >> Our IT guys are totally against this.
> >
> > Your IT guys only know what is a mouse...
> I find it peculiar and hypocritical that you would
> insult an IT
> department, when YOU are the one who is suggesting a
> completely different
> FAX client than the one in question -- due to your
> total ignorance of the
> one that is the original subject of the inquiry.

I take some time considering what should I do
refardiing your coment. Maybe /dev/null it's the best
place. If you want use this list for that don't
> Perhaps you'd consider it appropriate when you ask a
> question about
> HylaFAX if you got responses saying "No, you should
> use the FAX program
> built in to Windows.  Don't want to?  Well, you must
> be stupid."  However,
> not everybody finds this helpful.

Answering in your terms wouldn't help either and
drawing a picture and expecting that you understand
it's a hard work but I will try. 

He want's work with hylafax. He's having troubles with
samba. For what he want and what he told us I only can
think this (erronously perhaps?, I'm not perfect) : he
lacks knowledge in Samba, at least to work with
hylafax and he didn't try as he said with almost of
the win clients (remember this comment? "But doesn't
> >> require a couple of extra things be loaded on the
> >> computer."). Other issue, printing to send fax,
if the user insert a wrong number, notice the error
and want stop the job, what our friend or YOU can do
to assist the user in trouble? Perhaps a ssh session
to the fax server, login, password and last but not
least, use the administrative acess to stop the job?
Oooh, the users would love it...like my 150 users
would do, if when I integrated our AS/400 with hylafax
didn't avoided that isssue.

When someone ask for help, if I decided to answer the
questions, I do it supported on my judgement, my
knowledge, my experiences, my culture or in others
words, in what I am. If you don't like it, WHO CARES?
If I helped the person in question, good if not,
someone with more knowledge will do.

About the IT department...a person or persons who
judge a software by the price is/are stupid. Period.
Or you belongs to the crowd who think that about
HylaFAX or other good $0 software?

And don't bother answering in private too.

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