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Re: [hylafax-users] WinPrintHylaFAX Client

 Windows imaging does the job. Easyiest methode is to rigth click on a tiff file and set open with ( choose program ) Windows Imagimg.


 For the connection refuesed part you should go to the server side and change your hosts.hfaxd file. Easyiest would be to add your local network

Like 10.0.1.

or add  

.*@.* to allow every body to fax over your network ( I hope your faxserver is not open to external networks otherwise use the first method)




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WHFC - Connection Refused Error


Hey guys;  /dev/null for a moment.


We tried using WHFC and like I said it requires a copy of ghostscript interpreter for Windows, which means the M$ based IT group will flip out. It also says it needs a tiff viewer although I'd assume that the Windows photo manager would do, that is if we can find the right path setting and get that info into WHFC correctly. Too bad it wouldn't work long enough to find out if the Windows Photo Manager will be acceptable.


When I tried to run WHFC on my Win2K machine on my home LAN I ran into WHFC - Connection Refused. So I went back to change some more stuff in the User settings and again I only got "Connection Refused" error again. I must be missing something, but the whole point of my post is that in order for HylaFAX to make it on the desktop at most organizations, it must be as easy as pie, without the need for 3rd party add-ins and above all there must be absolutley no "error messages" on the first pass. This is the kind of thing those M$ guys in our IT department love to flaunt. That it doesn't work and you can't get support for issues.

Michael Stowe <mstowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> --- Frank Griffith wrote:
> I take some time considering what should I do
> refardiing your coment. Maybe /dev/null it's the best
> place. If you want use this list for that don't
> bother.

I certainly don't think this level of bile is appropriate at all; nor do I
believe your original line of insults is appropriate. If you prefer not
to listen, that's your perogative, but it's also your perogative not to
post in the first place.

I refuse to insult you in return, so I'll skip down a bit.

> About the IT department...a person or persons who
> judge a software by the price is/are stupid. Period.
> Or you belongs to the crowd who think that about
> HylaFAX or other good $0 software?

In fact, you're quite incorrect. Cost/benefit analysis is an important
part of deciding what software makes sense. If the cost is low compared
to the benefit, then the software is worth it. For software with similar
benefits, lower cost is obviously preferable.

While you profess to be helpful, it must be an extremely rare circumstance
where insulting the IT department gets you what you want. Was your advice
to call them stupid to their faces, or send them an e-mail?

> And don't bother answering in private too.

I shall not. Don't bother spewing insults, and then insisting that nobody
reply. Surely that's childish in any culture.

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