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Re: [hylafax-users] WinPrintHylaFAX Client

--- Frank Griffith <glassdude45@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> WHFC - Connection Refused Error

Like  Sedat says, you must add the network in
hosts.hfaxd but if you still want more control add the
usrname with password in the hosts.hfaxd file.

> We tried using WHFC and like I said it requires a
> copy of ghostscript interpreter for Windows, which
> means the M$ based IT group will flip out

Uh? You  lost me here. You only need a local printer
(Adobe 12/600  Postscript or similar) to work as a
filter. When you are "faxing" a Word file for example,
the printer driver just capture (using Regmon) the
document and transform it into Postscript and WHFC
pass it to hylafax. Install a printer driver doesn't
require any special hard job. Just installation ,
select the port and voilá. 

>. It also
> says it needs a tiff viewer although I'd assume that
> the Windows photo manager would do, that is if we
> can find the right path setting and get that info
> into WHFC correctly. Too bad it wouldn't work long
> enough to find out if the Windows Photo Manager will
> be acceptable.

You only needed a Tiff viewer if you don't enable mail
notification, for incoming and outgoing faxing. You
can transform the files into PDF format. Better
resolution and less space.

> When I tried to run WHFC on my Win2K machine on my
> home LAN I ran into WHFC - Connection Refused. So I
> went back to change some more stuff in the User
> settings and again I only got "Connection Refused"
> error again. I must be missing something,

You are missing something, yes, reading carefully the
WHFC and HylaFAX documentation and it's important
believe me ;-). Otherwise you could save precious time
and not stop waiting for my stupid answers ;-).

> but the
> whole point of my post is that in order for HylaFAX
> to make it on the desktop at most organizations, it
> must be as easy as pie, without the need for 3rd
> party add-ins and above all there must be absolutley
> no "error messages" on the first pass. This is the
> kind of thing those M$ guys in our IT department
> love to flaunt. That it doesn't work and you can't
> get support for issues.

Setting up HylaFAX is your responsability because you
want use it. Configuring the client or at least know
how to do it is your responsability too, because
configuring something like WHFC and specialy HylaFAX
without understanding of what to do is useless and
waste of time. Install WHFC it's too easy, just follow
the documentation that Uli prepared so carefully. The
FAQ section it's a good place to start too.
About HylaFAX, nobody said that configuring a server
(any kind) it's easy. But the difference betwen
HylaFAX and other simillar software is that you can
control the fax operation. You need set a low baud?
You can. You want set some strange dial rules? You
can. But best of all, you can contact directly the
developers. I understand the felling of someone being
ironic about unix. The guys here do the same but guess
what, they are the only who do helldesk work
eheheheheh. The secret is not giving up and test
harder before releasing something because the
"Windows" can explode if necessary, but only your *nix
work will be under scrutinity(?).

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