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Re: [hylafax-users] Problem with archive script, documents missing (maybe bug)

On 2003.11.28 05:49 Hans Zimmerman wrote:

After digging around I believe to have found the error in
the bin/archive script,

The archive script doesn't delete anything from the docq.

it grep's the q file with the
following regex:
"^!postscript:|^!tiff:|^!pcl:|^!pdf:|^!data:". Checking the
q file of the job's mentioned above with the regex did not
show the ps file because it has the following reference to
the ps file: "postscript:0::docq/doc27819.ps.27798" and not
as the script expects
"!postscript:0::docq/doc27819.ps.27798". I have changed the
regex to
and have not seen 1 file missing (of course it did not
happen that often and maybe Murphy's still waiting to
strike). I have no idea to what purpose the exclamation mark
is putted in the q file, if someone knows, please enlighten

See 'man sendq'. It indicates a converted image.

I would like to ask the list for confirmation of this
problem. As we are running 4.1.5 I have checked the 4.1.8
source and it's still the same archive script. I could not
find a report on this in bugzilla.

I don't think you've found the problem yet.


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