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Re: [hylafax-users] How to Capture information from Hylafax Server before it writes into xferfaxlog file.

bosu babu wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I appreciate, if someone in the group can tell me/give me
> information
> as to how to capture the sendfax log information before
> Hylafax Server writes into xferfaxlog file.
> My requirement is
> -----------------------
> After Hylafax server invokes sendfax command to send a fax
> to some number it will(hylafax server)writes log
> information into xferfaxlog file.
> The log contains information like commid,modem
> line,jobtag,timetaken etc. of that  particulr fax.
> I want to capture these values and insert into database.
> I can read this info from xferfaxlog file but i want to
> capture the values after the fax was sent,before it write
> into log file b'coz  the server takes some time (around
> one min) to enter this information into log file after the
> fax was sent. so i need caputure the values before write
> into xferfaxlog file. How can capture tese values.
> Thanks and Regards
> Bose

I needed something similar, a log file similar to the one of
our previous faxsystem (for users convenience). I changed
bin/notify and bin/notify.awk for this purpose, you could do
the same and perhaps write a php script (instead of invoked
by notify.awk) dropping it's data in a mysql database or
where you want it .

Kind regards,

Hans Zimmerman

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