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[hylafax-users] Modem Not Hanging up after Fax Timeout

My Hylafax is working awesome on Gentoo linux..  However when a fax transmission times out the modem doesn’t hang up.  This is what my log says


Feb 25 13:50:17 [FaxGetty] RECV FAX (00000052): session with 401 454 1391 terminated abnormally: T.30 T2 timeout, expected page not received

Feb 25 13:50:17 [FaxGetty] RECV FAX: bin/faxrcvd "recvq/fax00052.tif" "ttyS4" "00000052" "T.30 T2 timeout, expected page not received" "" ""


And that’s it..  Modem doesn’t hang up and I have to reboot the server.   Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


-- Keith

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