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Re: [hylafax-users] faxrcvd notify via call placed to cell phone

* Frank @ Impact <Frank@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [040227 13:57]:
> I have some users that would like to be notified of a new fax arrival by
> getting a call on the cell phone.  They will look at the calling number
> and know that it is the fax system and know that it means they have a
> new fax.  Same thing many people do with voice mail.
> So I thought I would consider developing some feature expansion on
> faxrcvd.
> Anyone have a quick and modem-time efficient (in terms of having to go
> through a modem reset) way to make a call with just X number of rings?
> Frank


case $DID
        sendfax -n -f confirm -t 1 -d XXXXXXX /some/junk/file


You could also use "sendpage" to eliminate the need to have some junk
file around.


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