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Re: [hylafax-users] No carrier detected

On 2004.03.03 12:05 Steven Kurylo wrote:
So far this month we've had dozens of the above error message on outgoing faxes. Each time I've looked into it I can immediately call the number in question and hear a fax tone; there is a fax machine on the other end. To one number in particular we've sent faxes to many times, looking in the historical logs the other fax machine is a Canon Laser Class 9000 Series. Are there any other causes for this error I can look into? Thanks.

Mar 03 13:12:24.00: [12230]: <-- [31:AT+FCC=,,,,,,,,0;DTXXXXXX\r]
Mar 03 13:13:51.24: [12230]: --> [10:NO CARRIER]
Mar 03 13:13:51.24: [12230]: SEND FAILED: JOB 1519 DEST XXXXX ERR No carrier detected
Mar 03 13:13:51.24: [12230]: <-- [5:ATH0\r]
Mar 03 13:13:51.60: [12230]: --> [2:OK]
Mar 03 13:13:51.60: [12230]: MODEM set DTR OFF
Mar 03 13:13:51.60: [12230]: STATE CHANGE: SENDING -> MODEMWAIT (timeout 5)
Mar 03 13:13:51.60: [12230]: SESSION END

Again, try Class 1.


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