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Re: [hylafax-users] ISDN

> > >>Would it be easier to use a USB ISDN card? The
> >
> > driver
> >
> > >>probles would still be present, though, so perhaps
> >
> > one
> >
> > >>does't gain a lot? Any views?
> > >
> > >You would run into exaclty the same kind of
> >
> > problems.
> >
> >
> >
> > You could use an external ISDN device with a regular
> > RS232 connection. I
> > have one, and it behaives like just any other modem
> > with an AT-command set.
> So that means that e.g. the Eicon Diva 852 ISDN T/A
> could be used? I notised that Linux is not listed as a
> supported OS on their site:
> http://www.eicon.com/worldwide/products/ISDN/Diva852.htm,
> but from what you are saying it should still work via
> RS232?
> If so, would I have to use CAPI (which I know nothing
> about) or does HylaFax know how to talk to the box via
> RS232?
For hylafax it will probably look like a common modem.
You can use also PCI ISDN cards by AVM (www.avm.de) which are able to 
communicate via CAPI and there are linux drivers for them.
In addition you need capi4hylafax. I don't know how it is in mandrake, but 
e.g. SUSE has AVM drivers and capi4hylafax in the distro...

Vladimir Bobek

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