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Re: [hylafax-users] It was a good try at Open Source....

On 2004.03.08 09:05 Frank Griffith wrote:
Well gang,

We tried HylaFAX for almost 6 months. In that time in went from being
a teriffic ideal to a bust.

I'll bet we're about to read one of those "we should feel bad because you couldn't use this free software due to the poor level of free support and now you've got to use some non-free software and support by some competitor" stories. Before we go there, let me state that this topic is already well-covered in the archives; search for "whine". So, as usual, you could have saved yourself the time by just doing an archive search.

Sending faxes was no trouble but receiving faxes became the real
issue. The server seemed to work fine but then as larger, multi-page
faxes began arriving it began whacking the last page of any fax it
received. This happened only when the call came from a long distance
fax machine. I tested this from home and from other faxes in this
office with no problem. But when our branch offices send in faxes, the
last page always appears as a few wide black lines at the bottom of
the page. When I would ask the sender to resend it to our standard fax
machine, all went well.

I already explained it to you. http://www.hylafax.org/archive/2004-03/msg00020.php You chose to end that discussion/thread. I also already advised you. http://www.hylafax.org/archive/2004-03/msg00143.php You chose to end that discussion/thread, too.

And there we have it. No matter how much I prod our IT people, they
throw the "I told you so!" up in my face.

Truly, I feel your pain. But it's never wise to try to sell something to someone when they already have a predisposition against it. Generally you'll just waste your time. Next time, realize that if "your IT people" express a predisposition then you pretty much have to honor that unless you don't care about wasting time and being told "I told you so!".

They are not interested in a
product that requires me to wait for replies from users groups and
this issue in particular wasn't solved at all.

I solved it for you twice on the mailing list. Had you actually hired someone they would have certainly solved it for you much more directly... but yes, that costs money, and so you see you were doomed to begin with because you tried to sell your idea without even the price of a modem attached - let alone the price of a consultant or the price of an extended time investment.

Too bad because I was
really looking forward to rolling this out for the entire company. But
they are headed into talks with other vendors now.

You see, they were willing to invest properly. You didn't have to sell them on the too-good-to-be-true lie that HylaFAX would cost them no time no money and no problems.


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