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Re: [hylafax-users] Postscript / Perl Parse

Hi Paul,

I've had this problem with a number of PC products before, if I remember rightly, it's because postscript allows for a binary image to be dropped directly in to the postscript file. Great for printing but it sucks for parsing ;-)

Maybe they can save it in something like HTML ? You can then use netscape or something similar to convert to postscript and it will give you native postscript rather than a binary image.

I hope this helps,

Bruce Whittaker,
CASS Support,
Extension  34193
External     (02) 9269 4193.
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11/03/2004 00:12

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I sent a message about a couple weeks ago about parsing a p postscript file
so that I could do some automatic order faxing via Hylafax.

I was told to just create the postscript file and then use perl to parse. So
no problems right?

I had my advertising department create a form. I believe they used indesign
and then saved as postscript. When I open it up to view it in a text editor
the entire form appears to be a binary image :(

What is the best way to do this. Is there a way to convert it now or do I
need to have them redesign it?

 Paul Kraus
PEL Supply Company
Network Administrator
800 321-1264 Toll Free
216 267-5775 Voice
216 267-6176 Fax

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