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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax installation problems.

hylafax-users-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 04/19/2004 04:41:53 PM:

> Please accept my apologies if these problems have been delt with in
> the archive
> or FAQ. I have searched but haven't found anything.
> I have (finally) installed hylafax according to the HowTo instructions,
> seems to have gone smooth so far. However, in item 2.2.5 of this HowTo it
> "On BSD-init (non SysV-init) systems, ...". I have installed on an
> Fedora Core 1, what sort of system is that? Furthermore on item 2.2.7 the
> instructions call for executing: "/usr/local/sbin/hylafax start". There
is no
> hylafax in this directory on my system, I can't actually find any
> program or script on the system. If the instructions are correct
> what have gone
> wrong? If not, what should they be instead?
> An additional question, does hylafax include a gui client program or
should I
> get that from somewhere else? I expect such client to be able to getthe
> from various sources and particularly from a scanner. Any

I take it that you are building from source?

Ignore the BSD part about editing the setup.cache file, you aren't using

(something like this should work on your system, I'm not guaranteeing it

Most likely the script you need to start at boot is in /etc/init.d/ and is
called hylafax. To have hylafax start on boot, I think you want to do:

cd /etc/init.d
chkconfig --add hylafax
chkconfig --level 35 hylafax

To start it do:  /etc/init.d/hylafax start

Yes, you will need a 3rd party client from section 5.

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