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Re: [hylafax-users] Fw: Attached TIFF mail delivery

* Lee Howard <faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [040525 11:25]:
> Well, initially I had considered some kind of "template", like:
> -=-=-=-=-=-
> From: The HylaFAX Recieve Agent %%FROMADDR%%
> To: %%SENDTO%%
> Subject: Facsimile received from %%SENDER%%
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=
> and so on, and then faxrcvd would simply replace the %%SOMETHING%% and 
> that would be how it would produce the mail.
> However, I'm not so sure that this would be the best approach, either.  
> Traditionally I've not been fond of the requirement for admins to hack 
> faxrcvd in order to customize the mail message.  I've felt this way for 
> two reasons 1) faxrcvd can get replaced in an upgrade procedure, and if 
> a backup wasn't made..., and 2) requiring admins to hack shell 
> maintains HylaFAX administration at a "shell-savvy" required level of 
> expertise for customization, and I'm not sure if that is desireable.
> But, as I indicated, sometimes I'm not so sure that these things are 
> bad.

Well, I would hate to see the sed/awk/grep that would need to go into
faxrcvd/notify to make them work with all versions of awk/mawk/gawk on
AIX, solaris, HP-UX, SCOX, etc...

If you want an all-dancing template based faxrcvd/notify, I really think
you have to move away from shells scripting to somethig else (perl,
python, C/C++, etc)


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