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[hylafax-users] ISDN modem usage HOWTO required.

I spent a few hours but fund no useful info about my case. I think that my case is very common, so think I just looking in wrong places :) Let me explain my needs and current state.
I need to setup fax server that will use DID information (or it is not DID in my case, not sure, but it is destination number) for routing faxes via email to recipient. I have a PC, Fedora Core 2 installed, latest Hylafax (4.1.8). I have a few ISDN different modem, but the best is USR Courier I-Modem I think. Fedora's kudzu recognized him as a standard serial modem (?). From greping this mailing lists archive I found only that Hylafax can work with my modem and that this modem is able to pass the dialed number to Hylafax.
I did not find any info about how to use the ISDN modem. I even dont know how to begin :)
1. My first question is where to get an info about usage of USR Courier I-Modem with linux in common and with Hylafax?
2. Now modem answers only on ttyS1, but I would like to use 2 simultaneous connections. Maybe I need to load any drivers for USR Courier I-Modem that will emulate 2 analog modems? Or maybe there is some other way to connect ISDN modem with Hylafax?
3. FaxDispatch file contais two method of routing: by device and by CID, is CID the destination number or it is just caller ID?
I will be glad to receive any useful answers,
Thanks in advance,

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