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Re: [hylafax-users] CAPI4Hylafax not picking up?

kcapi: recv_handler: applid 5 ? (LISTEN_CONF                ID=005
#0x0000 LEN=0014
 Controller/PLCI/NCCI            = 0x1
 Info                            = 0x0

Any ideas?

No. Try "c2faxsend -v ..." and have a look at the output.

Hrm, didn't help. It just says its trying to send the fax, but no extra
debugging info.

I might try the capi4hylafax list.

There has been an issue with capi4hylafax and kernel 2.6 on the avm list. Are you using the new kernel?

The bug is fixed in the c4h-cvs-version according to the response on the list:
------ avm-list-excerpt
i had the same problem with a avm b1 pci v4 under debian/testing kernel

solution work for me: you have to build capi4hylafax yourself with the
patch from

the problem are the posix-thread library under with 2.6. more
information (german) under


Christoph Henniger

Am Mo, den 14.06.2004 schrieb linux@xxxxxxxxxx um 1:16:

>> [Sent to both the linux-avmb1 as the Hylafax mailinglist]
>> Hi,
>> I have some problems with sending faxes with Fedora, Hylafax and my AVM B1
>> controller. Receiving faxes works without any problems. c2faxsend does try
>> to sent a fax, but it terminates again within a second. I found various
>> other people having the exact same problems, discussed in for example
>> http://www.kofler.cc/forum/forumthread.php?rootID=2719#2827. I have been
>> using the controller without any problems for almost two years now with the
>> same configuration, but to due a harddisk failure I had to reinstall my
>> complete machine. Fortunatly I had a backup of all the configuration and
>> data files, but that didn't include the driver and program stuff.

------ avm-list-excerpt

hope this helps.


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