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[hylafax-users] FaxCover 4.1.8 - editing ps file

I have followed these instructions...
You can manually follow the procedure used by make_faxcover with good success. First, you need to generate a simple Postscript or EPS document. In *NIXes you can use tgif. In Windows you can generate a simple Postscript document from any text editor such
as Microsoft Word by configuring a new printer on the system using the Apple Laserwriter driver printing to a file. Make sure that in the driver properties under the "Postscript" options the EPS option is used. Create your document first, but using
easily-found markers (such as "XXXX-to") to identify your intended dynamic (variable) fields. Then, print your document to a file using the newly installed printer driver. Using an ASCII text editor, edit the created Postscript file, changing marked
sections into Postscript variables, usually by removing the marker and the accompanying parenthesis. For example, changing "(XXXX-from) SH" into "from SH". See faxcover(1) for an exact list of available faxcover variables. A sample BreakIntoLines routine
can be seen at: http://www.hylafax.org/archive/2000-12/msg00090.php. For 4.1beta2 users, please review Bug 81.

Using windows 2000 pro Ms Word 2000 I edited on of the cover
sheet templates that it has under new.
I replaced all of the relevent info with XXXX-variable
I then printed to file using the applelaserwriter 16/600 ps
i then sent it to my linux workstation.
I then used dos2unix to fix the line endings.
used vi to find the section but it looks diffrent then what
the instructions say I should see.

here is a sample...
765 1630 M ( )S
950 1635 M (XXXX)[54 54 54  0]xS
1166 1635 M (-)S
1192 1635 M (to)[21  0]xS
1257 1635 M ( )S

As you can see its spread out aross a couple lines :(

I have tried replaceing the (XXXX) with 'to'.
but then it doesn't print.

using this command...
sendfax -C coversheet.ps -d "paul@XXXXXXXX" coversheet.ps

Once i edit it nothing even is sent.
if its  unedited then it sends but of course no variables.
I have also tried applying the make_faxcover script
but all this does is remove a new line at the end 
of the file (used diff to compare the before and after)

Help :)
Paul Kraus

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