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Re: [hylafax-users] Iternet-Fax WG Anyone?

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004, Matt wrote:
>  The actual MTA setup is almost, if not, identical to the way it is at the
> moment. The difference will be in the slight processing deviations
> required, within the mail-to-fax script/programme. To be honest, (and I am
> still in the process of trying to make sense of these RFC's and draft
> texts) there really is very little difference between how the email to
> sendfax system works at the moment, and the IETF format.

I think there might be two of three differences.

First, obviously the MTA would need to foward everything of the form
"^FAX=\+?[0-9\.\-]+(@domain.tld)?$"  into the fax script.  That's nothing
more than a regexp table in Postfix, and I'm sure all the other MTAs will
have a similar recipe.

Second, there are some rules on how notification should occur for failures
and successes, etc.  Most of that is in the "Extended" version of the RFC,
but basically, it means that we'd need to handle requests for Delivery
Status Notification (DSN) and Message Disposition Notification (MDN).
The DSN would be handled by the MTA (or ignored -- Postfix doesn't do
DSN), but the MDN would be our job.

Basically, it just means reformatting the confirmations that are sent into
the right format (MDN/DSN) and looking in the right place for the
confirmation requests (Disposition-Notification-To: headers, etc).

Finally, it would be NICE to have an optional feature to forward certain
Area codes (or equivalent) to another mail server.  Perhaps a
regexp->destination file that can be read and parsed, or perhaps it makes
sense to do that at the MTA level (Postfix can do it pretty easily by
adding transport rules).

Anyway: it sounds like this is a go.  Should we take this to -devel?  Or
offline?  I have some technical questions (like which scripting languages
can we use without adding dependencies to Hylafax), and I'd like to
coordinate this somehow.


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