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Re: [hylafax-users] INternationnalization

Pedro Rocadas a écrit :

--- Daniel ANDRE <dandre@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thnak you Pedro, I will work one it.

Is there anythink for faxrcvd? The main difficulty
is that there is a $MSG variable I don't where it is feed and how to
translate it.

I'm still on vacations so I can't check the script for
that $MSG variable right now, and to not say something
wrong I will not comment about it, but, if you are
talking about MSG="4" or similar, this variable take

This is not MSG="4" but MSG="$4"

the string of what happened after session ends, so
take a look at the line echo "Usage: $0 file devID
commID error-msg" and you will see that the other vars
like FILE="1" are placed in the same order. Be aware
that I looked at here https://ww2.evasik.com/fax.php
as an example of a faxrcvd script, yours could be

It is the same script and there is code such as
       if [ "$MSG" ]; then
           echo ""
           echo "The full document was not received because:"
           echo ""
           echo "    $MSG"
           echo ""
           echo "    ---- Transcript of session follows ----"

So if $MSG isn't translated, the whole result will not be accurate.

About the translation, you don't change the MSG value,
you change the email message sentence. Read carefully
the script and you will understand it.

I don't understand how in this script

Is there any possibility to have translated messages
is upcomming 4.2 version?

Well, you always can contribute with a french version

Sure but I wonder if is there is some provision made so that internationnalization should be simplified.



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