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Re: [hylafax-users] INternationnalization

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:57:07 +0200, Daniel ANDRE <dandre@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

>It is the same script and there is code such as
>        if [ "$MSG" ]; then
>            echo ""
>            echo "The full document was not received because:"
>            echo ""
>            echo "    $MSG"
>            echo ""
>            echo "    ---- Transcript of session follows ----"
>So if $MSG isn't translated, the whole result will not be accurate.

The MSG variable contains the actual error as reported by HylaFAX. I think
you should leave it alone and translate all the other strings.
Since MSG is dynamic, if you want translate it you should look at all the
messages HylaFAX may produce (no carrier, error X, error Y, ...) and
translate all of them; when finished your users will find getting help is
more difficult in case of problems since they will report error messages in
French almost noone will understand.

>Sure but I wonder if is there is some provision made so that 
>internationnalization should be simplified.

The infrastructure for automatic localization is not there, and since
HylaFAX runs on many different platforms I'm not sure it would be ok to
adopt the one used commonly on Linux (ie echo $"english text" and it gets
automagically translated looking at *.po files)

So the best way for you to do it it to:
1) cp faxrcvd faxrcvd_fr (this way you won't have problems during upgrades)
2) translate user visible strings in faxrcvd_fr
3) edit etc/config.<devid> and use
FaxRcvdCmd:           bin/faxrcvd_fr

>        if [ "$MSG" ]; then
>            echo ""
>            echo "<french text>:"
>            echo ""
>            echo "    $MSG"
>            echo ""
>            echo "    ---- <french text>----"


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