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[hylafax-users] Faxmail implementation question

Hi everyone,

OK, I've finally defined for myself exactly how I want our fax server to work. Now, before I start playing with Hylafax, I just want to make sure I'm not wasting my time. I would appreciate it if some kind soul would take the time to tell me if Hylafax will do the job, and do it reliably. It isn't long or complex...

1. Incoming faxes.
All incoming faxes should be converted to PDF attachments, forwarded to a specified email address.

All incoming faxes will forwarded to one, central email address which will be on an IMAP server that everyone has read-only access to.

I am satisfied that Hylafax can do this already with no problems whatsoever, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

2. Outgoing Faxes.
This is going to be the tricky part.

Can Hylafax accept emails with PDF and/or TIFF attachments and perform the fax of the attachments?

I found and read the page on the Hylafax website Titled 'Mail to Fax Gateway' (www.hylafax.org/faxgateway.php), but it doesn't say anything about working with PDF attachments. And the manpage on Faxmail shows as last being updated in 1996. A search on the Hylafax site doesn't reveal anything else I can find that is meaningful.

We have some Multifunction printer/scan/fax machines that are capable of scanning to an email. What I would like to do is disable the fax ability of these machines, configure them to use Hylafax as the SMTP server, and then when we 'Send as email attachment', the fax number is delivered to Hylafax in the following format:


Hylafax should then send the fax to the first part of the email address (destination fax number).

Lastly, I want Hylafax to always forward a copy of the email to a specified email address (this will be our 'Fax Sent'. This should be done invisibly, and independantly of the user.

If this functionality is not already available with Hylafax proper, we may be willing to spend some money on getting it working, but if we need to do that, it would be best to do this in such a manner that the code gets integrated with the main Hylafax code so everyone can benefit from it.

Lastly, I am willing to buy modems that will work 100% reliably with all other fax modems and fax machines - so, which ones are best supported by Hylafax?

I know we can do this with eFax and other outsourced faxing solutions, but I'd rather make use of some of the old Celeron boxes we have around here for stuff like this.

Many thanks,


Charles Marcus
I.T. Director
Media Brokers International
678.578.2200 x224
678.578.2240 fax

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