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Re: [hylafax-users] ISO-8859-2 encoding for textfmt (sendfax)

Alexandre Aractingi a écrit :

Le jeudi 28 octobre 2004 à 09:55 -0700, Lee Howard a écrit :

Hrmmmm... maybe there really is a problem within sendfax, then. You may want to try the patch to see.

I will. I just wanted you to know a little further about my problem: - I use a faxcover template with TGIF-generated postscript including accentuated chars. They were converted to their decimal iso code (for example "é" would be "\351") and they appear just fine on my faxes. - The characters that are distorted in the process are the one I give as parameters to sendfax - If I try to give an escape code to sendfax (i.e. "\351"), it escapes it again in the ps output, (i.e. "\\351"), thus resulting in printing the "\\351" sequence on my fax

So I guess somehow sendfax knows how to send nationalized-chars, but it
must have them iso-formatted.

Now regarding the patch, it is against 4.1.3, shall I downgrade to this
specific version to apply it?
Again, thanks for your time and your help,

For info, I tried the manipulation on faxmail.c++ in source.
I compiled it and the body of my mail has accents but not headers (like subjects) and for some reason, my compiled faxmail refuses to apply my MIMEConverters scripts, so I turned back to the old one...
In one week, I will search for this thing in source. If anybody have info, I take it.

It seems that the setTagItem() has a problem with MIMEConverters tag in hyla.conf file.

Benjamin Allot

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