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Re: [hylafax-users] hylafax, TAP pagers and control characters

* Paul Haldane <Paul.Haldane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [050125 09:53]:
> [using Hylafax 4.2.1 on Solaris 7]
> The paging service we're just started using (vodafone in the UK) won't 
> accept messages via their dialup TAP service which contain a newline in 
> the body of the message - fails with INVALID MESSAGE ...
> <-- <25:\002XXXXXXXX\015hello\012\015\00347;\015>
> That's the result of doing ...
> echo hello | sendpage -p v1

How about:
  echo -n hello | sendpage -p v1

  printf hello | sendpage -p -v 1

The "echo hello" is actually sending:
which sendpage is dutifully taking and sending on sending.  If you don't
want sendpage to send the new-lines, you can't give it a new-line.

Do you really need something on stdin?  If so, a way to "remove" the \n
might be to use xargs?

echo hello | xargs sendpage -p v1

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