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Re: [hylafax-users] Destctrls TimeOfDay Restrictions

> On 2005.01.28 07:12 Christian M. Watts wrote:
>> My issue is that if the fax gets queued prior to the expiration of the
>> TimeOfDay restriction, it will still be sent after the expiration of
>> the
>> restriction. What I want is for any faxes that are marked with the 'X'
>> to
>> only be sent between the hours of 8am and 7pm. The problem is that if
>> I
>> queue up, for instance, 1000 faxes at 6:30pm, they will still keep
>> sending
>> all night long.
> TimeOfDay doesn't help you with that, as you are aware.  Maybe it
> should, but it doesn't.
> For this part of your endeavor you need to make use of 'faxalter -a'
> and "killtime" and "time-to-send" parameters when you submit the job.
> So if you submit a job at 6:30PM and don't want it to be sent between
> 7PM and 8AM, then at 7PM you need to run 'faxalter' to change its
> time-to-send to be 8AM (and probably extend the killtime in the
> process).
> The other option is to stop faxq at 7PM and then restart it at 8AM.
> That's a little more ugly, though.
> Lee.

Thanks, Lee, I will try the faxalter thing and let you know how it works.
We set killtime at 72 hours initially already, since these go out in bulk
to large groups of people. Yeah, killing faxq won't work because 'other'
faxes still need to go out between 7PM and 8AM, just not the bulk jobs.


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