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Re: [hylafax-users] fax completely stuck

On 2005.02.03 04:05 Christian Schnobrich wrote:

here's the last few lines of the logfile:
> Feb 02 19:09:54.15: [18693]: <-- data [1026]
> Feb 02 19:09:54.15: [18693]: <-- data [1029]
> Feb 02 19:11:14.15: [18693]: MODEM TIMEOUT: writing to modem
> Feb 02 19:11:14.15: [18693]: MODEM WRITE SHORT: sent 1029, wrote 22
> Feb 02 19:11:14.15: [18693]: SENT 22379 bytes of data
> Feb 02 19:11:14.15: [18693]: SEND end page
> Feb 02 19:11:14.15: [18693]: MODEM set XON/XOFF/DRAIN: input
ignored, output disabled

Somehow, I don't think that's very informative. Any suggestions on
logging I should turn on o have something meaningful next time?

That's as good as you're going to get no matter what logging you use. HylaFAX isn't fully in control of the game at this point. HylaFAX write()s data to the modem, through the serial driver, and when write() completes we can move on. Here you see a case of write() blocking (at 19:09:54.15 and then again at 19:11:14.15), and this shouldn't happen because we open the serial port with O_NOBLOCK. So, I highly suspect that in this case the problem is with the serial driver or the modem itself. If we assume that the serial driver that you're using is good, then it just tells us that somehow the modem blocked the driver.

Oh, and... I'm using one of the dreaded USR Couriers. I'm aware that
most common suggestion is to get a better modem -- but I'd like to at
least try before I rip it out.

Well, I have an old 1982 Datsun pickup truck that will leave me stranded somewhere if I drive it very far, and yet I still drive it around sometimes. So I guess I can understand the need to use broken hardware. Just make sure to take your cell phone and be prepared to call home and have your wife come get you. :-)


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