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Re: [hylafax-users] fax completely stuck

* Lee Howard <faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [050203 18:34]:
> On 2005.02.03 15:10 Christian Schnobrich wrote:
> >Not recovering from a transfer error might justify a bug report.
> Aye.  However, it's complicated due to the way that HylaFAX works.  
> faxsend is stuck sending the fax.  And it's really stuck, waiting for a 
> write() to return, which never will, because it's blocked.  So faxsend 
> cannot recover from the problem itself, alone.
> In a better-designed faxsend there would be two permanent faxsend 
> processes.  The parent would do flow-control things and supervising of 
> the child process, and it could monitor for when a write() or read() 
> call gets blocked, and then kill the child when stuck.  We already fork 
> to do flow-control things, but it's a temporary fork, and we certainly 
> wouldn't want to fork before each and every write() or read().  So, 
> until faxsend gets redesigned faxsend cannot recover from the problem 
> alone.

Well, the Dispatcher framework in HylaFAX is very complete and very
powerful.  Unfortnately, faxgetty/faxsend (ModemServer) don't use it
for device communications.  Maybe it's time to do that?


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