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Re: [hylafax-users] fax completely stuck

On 2005.02.03 17:27 Aidan Van Dyk wrote:

So am I... But I'm just flat broke on time...

I understand. I'm trying to sneak time in-between Asterisk configs and maintenance to get some HylaFAX stuff done. And if Microsoft hadn't broken so many things in XP SP2 I would not have had to deal with clients' printer problems all last week.

I've got lots of higher priorities:
1) Unification of Extended Resolutions/formats (JPEG/Colour)

Yeah, I'm aware of this one.

2) Generic CallID handling

You'll see a patch from me on this soon (following the comments in the Bug report).

3) Fix param handling/recording for good.

We had a private discussion on this, and to follow-up on it, I've counselled with the tiff mailing list, and the good opinions I get there are that a new tag should be used, rather than trying to twist the old one up. This was mostly for compatibility reasons - so that you can test for the presense of a defined tag in order to detect "new" capabilities. I exchanged e-mails with Sam, and he gave me the go ahead on tag 34911. I tried doing something like TIFFTAG_PHOTOSHOP, but it's not working out, and I'm beginning to think that I'd prefer the tag ASCII-encoded anyway (rather than having a length field and a data field in the tag) so that debugging is easier (tiffdump rather than hexdump and manually parsing the tags). In the meantime I've asked the tiff list to help me in setting up the new tag with length+data fields, to see how that would work.

4) Presentation/selection of resolutions/units/format for the client.



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