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[hylafax-users] MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI-V92 and Wedging

Hi All,

I installed two Multitech MT5634ZPX-PCI-V92 modems over
the weekend and for the first three days (Sat-Mon) they ran really
well. I have them defined in Hylafax as class 1.0 because we need
SuperG3. They were bought so we could do SuperG3. We are
running FC2 and hylafax 4.2.1.

However, since Tuesday morning I've been plagued with the modems
wedging. Now here's the weird part. I'll get the message that a modem
is wedged. I discovered that if I restarted hylafax, the other modem would wedge as well when it was running fine before.

Even a reboot would not unwedge the modems. I have to go into our server room and physically disconnect the phone lines from the modems
and then power off the server and restart it and then plug the lines back in
to get everything back up and running. Before I power off the system, I hear the modems in the server "beeping" like you hear when a job is being sent before the receiving station picks up the line.

However, checking the system, no jobs are queued for send nor are
we receiving any faxes.

I would question the phone lines except the same lines have been used for 4 years with two best data V.92 modems with maybe
one of them wedging a year.

I have noticed that right before the wedging occurs, a fax was received
that failed with the following message:

   Sender: <removed by me>
    Pages: 2
  Quality: Normal
     Page: North American Letter
 Received: 2005:02:15 22:19:00
TimeToRecv: 0:42
SignalRate: 26400 bit/s
DataFormat: 2-D MMR
ErrCorrect: Yes
ReceivedOn: modem

The full document was not received because:

Received premature V.34 termination.

I'm also seeing as I posted yesterday:

"Failed to properly detect hight-speed data carrier"

And sometimes the modem wedges after that.

I've attached the config file for one of the modems. Wedging errors
appear with equal frequency on either modem.

I can supply logs if someone thinks that would help.

Any insight appreciated!


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