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Re: [hylafax-users] MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI-V92 and Wedging

On 2005.02.18 12:11 Mike McMullen wrote:

Hi Lee/Bill and all other interested parties,

One of the modems wedged this morning
So I had to remove the
phone lines, reboot and everything was back to normal.

Yeah, that's how you have to power-cycle PCI cards. I wonder if simply unloading and then reloading the serial driver (if it's a module) would do the trick. Not like that should matter, though.

An incoming fax attempt failed about 5 times before the modem wedged.

Did it fail in exactly the same way? (+FCERROR after CTR)

After the
last failed attempt it appears the modem wedged. I've attached the com log if that can provide any help.

It looks like the modem was responsive throughout the session, however. So the point when it hung would have been in your syslog if you have ServerTracing set to 0xFFF.


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