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Re: [hylafax-users] Is DID required for this application?

On 2005.02.23 09:05 "Donald, Adam" wrote:

I added:
  ModemRingResponse:     AT+FCLASS=8;H1
  CallIDPattern:         SHIELDED_DTMF
  CallIDAnswerLength:    4
  ModemAnswerCmd:        AT+FCLASS=1;A
restarted the faxgetty process for the modem, and that seemed to work!

It's good to know that some things work out of the box. :-) Some people have needed to add a <delay:100> at the beginning of the ModemAnswerCmd.

However, faxes are taking a lot longer to receive because the modem on
which I added the "SHIELDED_DTMF" option to is receiving many
"Bad HDLC terminating flag received." errors.  If I remove the DTMF
lines and restart the faxgetty process, the HDLC errors disappear, and
I receive without errors again.

That is very strange.

I am using a Multitech MT5634ZPX-PCI-V92 to both send and receive for
log below on 4.2.1 on FC3.
Thank you again, Lee, for all of your help!

Feb 23 10:42:06.55: [ 7299]: <-- [11:AT+FRM=146\r]
Feb 23 10:42:07.14: [ 7299]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Feb 23 10:42:07.21: [ 7299]: Bad HDLC terminating flag received.
Feb 23 10:42:07.21: [ 7299]: Bad HDLC terminating flag received.
Feb 23 10:42:07.28: [ 7299]: Bad HDLC terminating flag received.

I need to see what these are. Please set:

  TracingMask: 0x11
  SessionTracing: 0xFFF

in your modem config file, restart faxgetty, retry the fax, and send me the log as an attachment.



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