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[hylafax-users] problem sending ps and tiff

After some fighting with the options I finally managed to get a
HylaFAX(4.1.7-38)-server (SuSE 9.0) up and running (send only at the

I can send documents from the console and over network from Win-clients OK.
The problem is, that if I send a postscript or tiff-document to a normal
fax, the page printed out there has _no_ top margin, the copy begins
right at the top of the page and is partially overlaid by the
identifier-line. Also the cover page (if used) shows the same.
However, if I send an ASCII-text this does not happen.
Also, if I convert the document to a fax manually before sendig
everything is OK:


#sendfax -n -D -d #dialing-nr# testfax.ps
-> recieved text begins 1mm below top page border

#sendfax -n -D -d #dialing-nr# testfax.txt
-> recieved text begins (correct) 2,5cm below top page border

#/var/spool/fax/bin/ps2fax -o testfax.fax testfax.ps
#sendfax -n -D -d #dialing-nr# testfax.fax
-> recieved text begins (correct) 2,5cm below top page border

Looking at testfax.ps on the screen I can see, that it has a correct top
margin of 2,5cm.

Same behaviour is with TIFF-pictures. Sending them direct results in
missing top margin, converting them to .fax and sending that gives a
correct 2,5cm to margin on the recieving end.

Google didn't show up anything really useful, maybe someone here knows a

BTW: I didn't build from source, but installed the SuSE-rpm, so the
topmargin-patch won't help much (and from the description of the patch I
do not think, that it applies to my problem).

It might already help if someone could tell me how HylaFAX processes PS
and TIFF. Is it processed internally or is /var/spool/fax/bin/ps2fax
(tiff2fax resp.) called? If so, I do not understand, why calling the
converter manually (without any options) and sending the output.fax file
gives me a different result (wrong options passed from sendfax to ps2fax?).

Any help appreciated

All personal mail please to
I'm sorry for the inconveniences.
Thank you!

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